Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve your appearance. This painless procedure will brighten your smile and improve your confidence.

Certain foods, coffee, red wine and cigarettes take their toll on teeth leaving, them dark and stained. This can age your appearance and leave you feeling self-conscious. At Orewa Dental Centre we can whiten your teeth easily and painlessly.

Before starting a course of teeth whitening, we advise you have your teeth cleaned and polished, we’ll also check to make sure your teeth are suitable for the treatment (some discolouration is unable to be corrected by teeth whitening, such as from certain antibiotics).

We’ll then make an impression of your teeth to make a custom tray which will fit perfectly over your teeth. At home, you can fill the tray with the teeth whitening gel we’ll provide you. After 2 weeks of using the tray/gel combination for a short period each day you’ll notice a huge difference in the brightness of your teeth.

This treatment is more effective than pharmacy bought treatments and the effects last for years.

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